Monday, October 8, 2007

We Love Perez!

So much for a quiet night at home.

As they say. It ain't Ozzie and Harriett!

High School Nudie Show

Vanessa, you look different with your clothes on.

Perez is feisty!

You're brilliant Amy, fantastic...but not my type.

Not really my type either. Lose the beer gut, mullet and fag, uh, I mean cigarette. Although, they do call you "Long John Daly." Maybe I'll reconsider.

Coming to America

Posh and Becks steel themselves for an evening with a bunch of dreadful yanks.

Rock on Tommy Lee!

Long John Daly

Looks like JD hit the JD hard and crashed early.

Tit for tat

Oh my heavens!

Tommy Lee, how many times do we have to see your tongue tonight?

Hogan Knows Best

Papa Hulkster loves his baby Brooke.


The table is set for a fine dinner of...
...dried shoe leather. Could have been worse. Ozzy could have served live bats.
JD tries to figure out if he's cutting into the racoon roadkill from Hwy. 301, but then he remembers that he's wearing that on his head.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Filed under: the finger Patti and Clay extend a finger...ahem, hand, to welcome you to Celebrity Train Wrecks, a celebration of all that is awful, arrogant, outrageous and, yes, delicious in Hollywood.

Dress the part of your favorite Hollywood beast, bust off your gps ankle bracelet and drunk drive your Bentley three blocks over. You must be on the guest list to make it in the door so leave your entourage at home. Those losers don't belong behind the velvet rope.

The Paparazzi have been hard at work.
Enjoy the treasures below!

We know that you nasty celebs
can't keep your pie holes shut.
So leave your comments for the
whole bunch of us to enjoy.

Does He Creep You Out Too???

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Tom Cruise and his new Nazi haircut with baby Suri, Wednesday in Berlin.

Jenn seems like a nice wallflower of a mom, who lets her adorable little Alien run around and do whatever she wants.

How Do I Say This Delicately?

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Katherine White attended the Marc Jacobs fashion show in NYC on Monday.

Her hair is at that awkward growing out phase and her skin seems to be showing the effects of too much time in the tanning salon.

But at least her plastic boobies look really great in that dress!


M & M "hang loose" in Laguna.

Doing It For The Gays: Part 2
Mateo McConogay. Malibu. Saturday.

Oh yeah!

[Image via
Pacific Coast News.]

Separated By A Furry Fella

What do these two have in common????

Rephrase that: What do these two have in common, besides marijuana?????


Filed under: hobo, hungry, nappy headed ho We know that you are without a home Jill, but we didn't think that you were homeless.

NSB GGW in the OC!

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New Suburb Beautiful!!!!!

Desperately Seeking Tanning Bed!

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Annesley Cassidy let it all hang out on the red carpet at the '07 Oscars.

Drink Up!

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After his golf cart DUI, SSJ stole his neighbor's Tonka saying "I got's to keep mobile."

I Don't Understand

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Joaquin and the Joker throwing Spiderman webs at their own throats?

Ladies, Ladies Ladies...

PCus attends a party at Vice Nightclub in LA on Thursday night.

Ladies, ladies, ladies....You can't all be first, but you can all be next.

A Little Something to Drool Over

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William Cassidy looks oh so dreamy on the cover of the new Style issue of German GQ.

Too bad he’s already
dating someone else!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kid Rock on KROQ: Tommy Talks, Pam Walks
Posted Sep 13th 2007 3:00PM by TMZ StaffFiled under: Celebrity Justice
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Kid Rock is trying to keep his distance from Tommy Lee, but it seems Kid's divorce from Pamela Anderson and the MTV punch fest threw some gasoline on the ex mess fire.